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- I gave Maria my choice of colour for my micro paintings (blue) and requested wildflowers on them. Soon after she showed me a picture and I was very impressed, but when they turned up at my door I was amazed! The picture, while colour accurate, could not do justice to the way the light reflected on the subtle glitter or the delicate ombre of colour she had created along the canvases. A true miniature masterpiece!
Laura, Denmark


- I've admired Maria's art for a long time and was delighted to be able to add some of it to my own collection. When my first set of paintings arrived, I realized that even the best photos don't fully capture the incredible detail in these pieces.

KarenD, USA

By Illamasqua they write like this: 

The extremely talented Maria from  www.micropaintings.dk, was kind enough to send these four amazingly detailed nails to our Founder, Julian Kynaston. Who was said to be both “touched and impressed” with his creative presents, and it was his desire to share this gorgeous photo with us!

Her attention to detail and precise artistic flare radiates off these nails and I just cannot pick what my favourite design is! Can you?

Click HERE to se more...


- When I received one of Maria's micropaintings I was in shock... really! To me it's unbelievable how she can draw all those tiny details, that's art in true meaning. When you see it on your computer screen you don't get true proportions... but once you get your hands on it you see how tiny that really is... even my guys were impressed and speechless! Sorry Maria, but I can't help myself - I get so envy on your skills, I wish I know to paint like this :D

Anyway, thumbs up, Maria's micro paintings are really, really gorgeous, gotta love it!
Zana, Croatia 

- Da du kom her med din lille skokasse, tænkte jeg - de må da være meget små de malerier. Troede du havde malet i størrelse 10x10 cm, og stor var min overraskelse, da jeg så hvor bitte bitte små de var. Endnu mere overrasket blev jeg, da jeg så hvor fantastisk detaljeret malerierne var, og det på så lille en flade. Jeg synes du er fantastisk, og det kan kun gå godt for dig.

Sanne Friis Tangsgaard, Thy til kunsten - Galleri Friis

- The set I received is truly gorgeous, the colour's work great together. Photos can only capture so much, when in real life you really see the quality of the work, and the effort that must have gone into them.
Jenny B, United Kingdom

I received a set of 4 of Maria's Micro Paintings as a present from Maria herself and I am just blown away at how beautiful these little micro paintings are! Each time I look at them I see something I never noticed before, some little detail that pops out in a different light. She is an amazing talent and her work is truly magical!
Tracy Ball-Eriksson, Sweden

- If you enjoy seeing Maria's art online, you will love them more in real life! 
Traci, USA

- I've been a fan of Maria's paintings since I first laid eyes on them in her blog. I've always thought they were pretty, but getting my own and seeing them in real life, close up and personal, opened my eyes to how much talent she really has. The paintings are just so detailed and so well made - they're amazing!

Marianne, Denmark

- Gorgeous micro works-of-art
I was totally floored by the amazing attention to details and the colour combinations. These petite paintings are marvellously complex and the fact that they are made with nail polish make them even more magnificent. The textures and special effects cannot be found anywhere else!!!
Marie-Luise Lubich, Denmark

- Maria is is so talented and translating her talent into these small canvas is impressive. I was blown away by these micros, they are absolutely stunning IRL. Micro Paintings by Maria Rock! 

Lydia Thompson, USA


- I'd like to recommend these little painted marvels en miniature. They're beautiful, extraordinaire and make one smile again and again.

Gitte Vestergaard Lassen, Denmark

- Det er utroligt at noget så småt, kan være så detaljeret. Selv efter flere måneder, kan jeg opdage en ny lille detalje.
Jeg er særlig imponeret over Maria's træer. De er så livagtige at det burde være umuligt.
Anne Mette, Danmark

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